3D-PDF<br />MP3-Player 3D Product Simulation Scanner<br />Crossmatch GmbH, Jena, Thüringen 3D Product Presentation Camera<br />Hy6 Middle Format Camera, Sinar AG, Schweiz 3D Product Presentation - Stool<br />Designer: Friedrich Jung, Jena Preview 3D Configurator<br />for prints and engravings on Cups 3D product presentation<br />MERIAN scout Navigator


Interactive 3D product presentations are the optimal solution for web marketing and advertising. Virtual photorealistic 3D product portrayals offer your customers a product experience, which else could be only supplied by the real product itself. They can turn the product around, zoom and even change material and color configurations. Animations make it possible to explain and test all of the products’ functionalities in a close-to-reality way.