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In times of mass customization tools are needed to enable a rapid and automated customization by the customer.

An interactive 3D design configurator is an ideal way to attract the attention of consumers and animate them to creatively design their own products. There are many ways for personalization. This may be the selection of materials and colors, but also the printing with individual texts and themes. Compared with only product photos and descriptions a 3D configurator offers a greater attraction through interactivity, free navigation and 3D animation of various product features with a realistic 3D visualization in real time. That all significantly enhances the product experience and thereby increases the incentive to purchase. With the design of creative and user-friendly interfaces the online configurator is an intuitive and mighty tool for 3D product configuration.

Advanced functionalities for more complex 3D product configurators are a specific product logic, hide or replacement of any components, a fast and accurate quotation preparation, the ongoing pricing, and a multilingual version. By using innovative technologies, the entire process from configuration to ordering and production can be automated.

The representation of our 3D-configurator is plugin free. So our software is virtually barrier-free and straightforward and can be integrated in both online and offline media, for a clear and convincing product presentation.

Get independent of opening hours and let the customer interactively configure your products, around the clock, worldwide.